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Social Security Disability

Has your Social Security Disability claim been wrongfully denied?
Grappling with a chronic condition, a newly diagnosed disease, mental health or a serious injury can be physically painful and emotionally overwhelming. In addition to your health concerns, you are faced with paying your bills, supporting your family, and keeping your head above water without the help of your regular income. You want to work and provide for yourself, but you simply cannot.
Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits should be your safety net in this situation. Throughout your working years, you have paid taxes toward this federal insurance program just in case this exact situation occurs: you are hurt or unwell, and you need support.
Unfortunately, successfully receiving Social Security Disability benefits proves more difficult than just making payments to the Social Security program. The stark reality is that over two-thirds of all applications for disability benefits are denied each year. The Social Security Administration even readily admits that many valid claims are denied each year simply for technical reasons.
In fact, Social Security Disability is harder to secure today than it ever has been before. Fewer and fewer cases are being accepted by the SSA. Securing the benefits to which you’re entitled depends more than ever on having an experienced attorney on your side. As a result of these changing regulations, some big firms have had to close their doors. For over 30 years, Thomas Brown has been the helping people receive the benefits that they need. Don't hesitate to turn your case over to an experienced attorney. We deliver the personalized and dedicated representation needed to get the results you deserve.

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